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Availability: Monday - Thursday
J. Michael Walters
Medical Director DVM, MS, DACVECC

Name: J. Michael Walters (please call me Mike and the J is for John, DON’T call me John)

Undergrad school: University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Veterinary school: Louisiana State University
Residency: Colorado State University

Why did you choose to become a Veterinary Criticalist? I became a criticalist and emergency clinician because I enjoy fast pace and the immediate changes I can make in patients’ lives. It’s really a life or death situation on occasion and that is exciting. 

Why do you choose to practice at VCA West Coast?  To make a difference in patients and clients lives. To help this team of veterinary specialist achieve their goals and the team as a whole. To help make, with the help of everyone, this a true center of excellence. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of practicing medicine?  I spend time with my family at the beach and just enjoy life outside of the hospital.


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