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Michelle Sedeno, Hospital Manager

I have been studying nature, animals, and creatures for as far back as my memory can go. I used to collect tadpoles and caterpillars to take to class with me in the second grade, every day, and I would take home every stray dog or cat I could catch throughout the years growing up. I have always known I was meant to be with, be around, and care for animals in some manner. I can be their voice and advocate for them when someone else can't, or won't. 

When I started my journey from a pet store, and moved on to a clinic, then to a hospital, I dreamt of being a veterinarian, and then that dream turned into possibly running my own practice one day to be able to make bigger changes for more pets than just the ones that I touched with my very own hands.

After almost two decades of being in this awesome field, I was lucky enough to have been drawn in by VCA, the best animal practice in the world! That has not only given me the chance to do what I always thought I would be doing, but has now made my very dream a reality. I can help more pets, educate more clients, train more technicians and employees in this field about caring for and educating for the better outcomes for the innocent pets. I am grateful and humbled for my position in this world, and I love it to no end.

Michelle Sedeno

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