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Veterinary Assistant
Mia grew up in Lincoln, Alabama. She earned her bachelor's degree from Auburn University and majored in wildlife sciences and pre-veterinary medicine. Mia plans to become an exotic veterinarian. She says, "I love animals and want to help them in any way I can. I love practicing medicine and I love learning about animals." Mia loves watching anime and playing video games, such as Pokémon. She loves to study parasitology and has her own parasite books and microscope at home. She has 3 cats of her own: Aurora, Alis, and Chowder. She owns a tomato frog named Cinna. Tomato frogs are from Madagascar and secrete a sticky, toxic substance when threatened. She wants to one day own an Argentine tegu lizard. 

"I was a parasitology lab teaching assistant at Auburn University. I have a pretty good understanding of parasites that are common here, including their symptoms and appropriate treatment options. I enjoy researching exotic animals! I try to learn one new fact a day about an unfamiliar reptile or amphibian."

Veterinarian Support

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