Preventive Care

New Kitten and New Puppy Packages

Establishing the Human-Animal Bond: Healthy Starts for Your Puppy or Kitten

Congratulations on your new family member! We can't wait to welcome your puppy or kitten into the Bond Animal Hospital family. We look forwarding to providing a lifetime of care for you and your new friend.

As part of settling your new puppy or kitten into your home, you'll want to schedule an initial wellness visit with us. You'll want to know if your new puppy or kitten is free of congenital defects and infectious disease. Also, it is common for these youngsters to come with worms, fleas, or other parasites and we want to identify and eliminate those right away. You'll want to be sure that your kitten or puppy is on the right diet, too. Most of all, you want to get into a routine of providing the right kind of TLC!

For those who purchased their pet through a breeder or pet store, New York law protects consumers against the purchase of an unfit pet. If there is a significant health issue with your pet, you have fourteen days to benefit from the protections provided by the pet lemon law. Protecting your interests starts with a timely and careful veterinary examination.

Healthy Start Exams

During your appointment, Bond veterinarians will review your pet's health history and any other documentation you can bring along from the breeder, pet store, or shelter. We then perform a thorough physical examination checking temperature, eyes, ears, and hair coat. But we don't stop there ???????? we examine teeth and gums, check for lameness, and evaluate for heart murmurs. We perform a fecal test for worms and other intestinal parasites, too. After this in-depth evaluation, our doctor will assess your pet's total health and record their findings in your pet's permanent, computerized medical record.

To help ensure that your new pet stays healthy, we'll make recommendations for preventive care, including vaccines, control of internal and external parasites, spaying and neutering, proper diet and coat care. Finally, we'll help you plan for training and socialization, which is so important in making your new pet a wonderful companion and member of the family.

Read more about spay and neuter procedures and their health promoting benefits.

Spay & Neuter Services

If you are not planning on showing your pet, it is recommended that they be surgically sterilized. Early spay (females) or neuter (males) surgery can prevent diseases such as pyometra (infection of the uterus), prostatis, and cancer of the mammary glands or testes. Although early spay and neuter is practiced at many shelters and animal control agencies, we recommend dogs and cats undergo surgery at about six months of age, preferably before the first heat period.

Animal shelters across the country are continually faced with having to euthanize animals due to overpopulation. You can help decrease this burden by having your pet spayed or neutered.

Read more about spay and neuter procedures and their health promoting benefits.


We recommend that all patients be permanently identified with a microchip, either at the time of their first visit or when under anesthesia for spay or neuter procedure. Microchips are safe, permanent and unique identifiers for pet animals of every species.

We hope to see you soon. Call our office today at (914) 949????????8860 for your appointment!