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Dental Care

Dental health plays an important role in your pet's general wellness, longevity, and comfort. To meet this need, Bond Animal Hospital gives every dog and cat a thorough oral examination as part of the regular healthcare visit. Our recommendations for your pet's preventive dental care are based on the guidelines and protocols of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHHA).

The Importance of Pet Dental Health

Prevention of dental disease is vital to your pet's overall health. It is important to remove plaque from the teeth in order to avoid periodontal disease. Left unchecked, periodontal disease can progress to bone infection and more serious health problems such as heart, lung, and kidney disease.

Mouth pain is very uncomfortable for pets and can be difficult to detect, so this is a veterinary health issue we want to avoid. The benefits of dental care are immediately evident in reduced oral pain, improved ability to chew food, improved breath, and a sparkling smile.

State-of-the Art Dental Care & Cleanings

The development of plaque varies from cat to cat and dog to dog, but it is widely acknowledged that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease as early as the age of three. Some animals are more prone to dental disease and, for many cats and dogs, annual teeth cleaning is ideal. Continued home care, including tooth brushing and good diet choices, is essential to slow the return of tartar and help maintain good oral health.

Pet dental cleanings closely resemble what humans experience at the dentist, but the process is performed under general anesthesia. Those teeth are sharp, after all, as are the tools our veterinarians use. Anesthesia is used in pet dental care for the safety of both the patient and the dentist.

Just as the case with any surgery, we attend carefully to safety. Our veterinarians strongly suggest pre-anesthetic blood screening for pets over seven years of age.

Modern Pet Dental Suite

We pride ourselves on our high standards of dental care for dogs and cats. Our pet dental suite is equipped similarly to a human dental office including ultramodern dental units, high-speed drills, ultrasonic scalers, digital dental radiography, and computerized dental charting software.

If your pet is scheduled for a dental cleaning or procedure at Bond Animal Hospital, we walk you through the process and explain your pet's treatment in detail. We value client communication and endorse informed pet ownership.

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