Primary Care

Our hospital offers primary care services that cover every pet’s basic needs. These services include spays and neuters, health exams, laboratory and pharmacy services, dental care, and much more! Please click on any of the subheadings listed below to learn more about the primary care services available to your pet.

Available Services
  • Pets can suffer from allergies to elements in the environment around them, as well as certain ingredients in their foods, just like people can ... Read more

  • Dogs and cats don't often get cavities But they do frequently suffer from other types of dental disease Periodontal or gum disease, in fact, is the number one illness found in both dogs and cats... Read more

  • Our hospital offers a variety of dentistry services. At your pet's yearly examination it may be determined that they require a dental cleaning. Routine veterinary dentistry involves prophylaxis (teeth cleaning), polishing and a full oral examination.... Read more

  • Our hospital offers thorough ear exams as one of our many services. Symptoms like head shaking, scratching and pawing at the ears, rubbing the ears on the floor or furniture, whining, and abnormal odors are often indicative of a problem with your pet’s ear.  

    Conditions of the ear occur frequently in dogs and cats and result from a variety of causes.... Read more

  • End-of-Life Care For Your Cherished Animal Companion

    Caring for our patients throughout their lives, we understand the critical role we play as they approach end-of-life. An integral part of our mission is to provide palliative care for pets with terminal illnesses, offer compassionate euthanasia when appropriate, and offer families tools for memorials and grief support.

    Many chronic health conditions can be managed medically longer than in the past, and more owners are choosing to comfortably prolong the lives of their senior pets.... Read more

  • Our hospital is proud to offer our clients a complete diagnostic laboratory. Our in clinic laboratory machines can perform complete blood cell counts, complete chemistry panels, including liver, kidney, and pancreatic enzyme function tests, glucose, and electrolytes. Additionally, our hospital can send samples out to a diagnostic laboratory ensuring that we have a wide range of diagnostic capabilities.... Read more

  • Our hospital offers many general surgery services that include a variety of common and elective procedures performed under general anesthesia.  

    Examples of common surgeries include: spay (ovariohysterectomy), neuter (castration), lump removal and biopsy, laceration repair, abscess and wound repair, exploratory surgery, removal of gastrointestinal foreign bodies, enucleation (eye removal), cystotomy (removal of bladder stones), and skin biopsy.  

    As these procedures usually require general anesthesia, please refer to our anesthesia service for more information.... Read more

  • Providing Senior Pets with the TLC They Deserve

    It is always a bit surprising to suddenly realize that one of our pets is a senior. Where did the time go? There is a selection of fun free apps to help you calculate your pet's human equivalent age, but we think any pet over seven years of age deserves special attention.

    The good news is that, just like people, pets are living longer and healthier lives.... Read more

  • Wellness Exams not only help flag any potential problems with your pet's health, but they are also important in creating an overall medical history for your pet. By meeting regularly with your pet, your veterinarian is able to become better acquainted with his or her personal history, and is able to offer more personalized care.  
    For pets who are 6 years and younger, wellness exams are recommended at least once a year.... Read more

  • Our hospital offers hospitalization services. Hospitalization involves admitting your pet into the hospital for monitoring or necessary medical care. Your pet will have their own cage or kennel within the hospital building and will be monitored closely by technicians and veterinarians throughout their stay.... Read more

  • Appropriate, accurate, and timely diagnostics play a vital role in both maintaining your pet????????s good health and treating any illness. Whether blood tests to evaluate your cat for a suspected thyroid disorder or x-rays to examine your dog for possible foreign body ingestion, these tools provide an inside look at your pet????????s health.

    In cases of illness, understanding the nature of the problem speeds treatment.... Read more

  • Our hospital offers a variety of internal medicine services.  

    Internal Medicine is the branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis, management and nonsurgical treatment of disease affecting the lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen, intestinal tract, urinary tract, endocrine system and neuromuscular systems. Management of these conditions is typically done with diet, exercise and medications.... Read more

  • Providing Pain & Arthritis Relief for Pets

    The professionals at Bond Animal Hospital are committed to the relief and avoidance of pain for your pets, in both acute and chronic forms.

    Acute pain comes on suddenly, typically as a result of an injury, surgery, or infection. Fortunately, acute pain is usually temporary and goes away once the condition causing it is treated.... Read more

  • As pet owners ourselves, our staff understands that loss of a pet or dealing with a pet’s serious illness can be emotionally devastating. We also know that to care for a sick pet, a family must receive clear information concerning treatment and evaluating options, which sometimes involves making difficult decisions. Our hospital staff are here to help you explore any concerns related to treatment choices or managing a sick pet at home.... Read more

  • Advanced Veterinary Imaging & Digital Radiology at Bond Animal Hospital

    All our x-rays are digital images, replacing old-fashioned film radiographs. Digital x-rays provide clearer, more detailed images for our veterinarians. Additionally, digital images can be immediately read, stored on digital media, and directly emailed for a radiologic consultation, if warranted.... Read more

  • We understand it is natural for owners to feel anxious when their pet undergoes surgery. Trust Bond Animal Hospital to give your pets the attentive care and support they need at this time.

    Surgical Expertise

    Our veterinary team is experienced in treating a wide variety of patients, so we can meet the surgical needs of all your animal family including dogs, cats, birds, exotic pets and other small animals.... Read more

  • If you are not planning on showing your pet, it is recommended that they be surgically sterilized. Early spay (females) or neuter (males) surgery can prevent diseases such as pyometra (infection of the uterus), prostatis, and cancer of the mammary glands or testes. Although early spay and neuter is practiced at many shelters and animal control agencies, we recommend dogs and cats undergo surgery at about six months of age, preferably before the first heat period.... Read more