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Robert Baker
Co-Medical Director DVM
Dr. Baker first decided he wanted to be a veterinarian when he was 15. His older brother was a veterinarian and was a great influence on his decision to pursue veterinary medicine as a career. After graduation from high school, he attended UNLV obtaining a bachelor of science in animal biology. From there, he went to Colorado State University where he graduated in 1987. After 3 years of private practice in Las Vegas, he returned to Colorado State to do a post-doctoral fellowship in the intensive care unit for 4 years. During that time, he was involved in clinical research studying the effects of diet in naturally occurring disease processes. Dr. Baker started working at Baring Blvd. Animal Hospital in 1993 and has been here ever since. Dr. Baker is a co-medical director here at Baring. He has a special interest in Oncology, Ultrasound Diagnostics, and Laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Baker also enjoys mentoring the newer doctors at the practice. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his kids, girlfriend and pets. If the weather is nice, you won't likely find him inside as he enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, and exploring the American west.