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Hospital Manager

Cathy, our Hospital Manager, was born and raised right here in San Antonio! Although she has lived in several other cities and states, she says that San Antonio has always felt like 'home'. "I just love the culture here in South Texas." she explains. "One of my favorite things about our community is the friendly, polite and helpful Southern hospitality that you find here. Well...that, and all of the delicious Mexican food!" Although she initially came from a background in business management and banking, Cathy followed her lifelong love of animals, and brought her customer service skills to the veterinary field. She has been the hospital manager here at VCA Leon Springs since 2000.

During her time here at the hospital, Cathy has adopted an assorted menagerie of feline friends. Penny Lane, the matriarch (at 16 years old) was adopted as a kitten who was abandoned at our hospital. Indigo, and GigI are the 'middle children' who also adopted Cathy after living here at the hospital as 'clinic cats' for some time. Finally, there are Zoey and Frito - the two youngest of the bunch. Both Zoey and Frito are tripods, who each had to have a leg (and in Frito's case, also his tail) amputated due to separate traumas.

In her spare time, Cathy enjoys going to the movies, reading and traveling. "My favorite places to travel are Colorado, Seattle, Alaska and anywhere with water, like Hawaii or the Caribbean!" she says. "I also love going to float the river!"


The hospital administration team consists of management personnel who oversee all staff members, hospital activities and the facilities. Together, they keep the hospital running smoothly, ensuring quality patient care and excellent client service. From the moment you check in, our administrative staff is here to deliver the best possible experience to you and your pet before, during and after your visit.