Due to COVID-19, The Pet Inn is open for limited grooming appointments only.

Our feline lodging offers desirable accommodations

Our rates start as low as $27.95 per night for our Feline guests. Please call (916) 428-9213 or request a reservation online today.

Feline Play:

For the joy and entertainment of our feline guests we have various individual play opportunities. For details check out our additional services for your cat. For the safety and security of our feline guests please transport them in an approved carrier.

Medications: Of Course!

We have trained staff that can administer your pet’s medications during the hours of 5am - 8pm. We can administer all pills and topical medications to receptive pets.  If your cat doesn't always like taking their medicine when away from home, our veterinarians can sometimes offer the same medication in liquid form.  For injectable medications, please call us to discuss your pet's medication needs.

Bedding and Toys: We’ve got those!

Guests receive fresh fleece bedding each day, plus we have an array of safe and enriching toys for our individual play sessions. We ask that you please leave your personal beds, blankets and toys at home where they can safely await your pet’s return.

Bringing Your Own Food: We encourage it as long as it’s nutritious!

We offer three complimentary meals between 6am and 5pm of various Iams formulas. Additional meals can be scheduled, or sign up to try our afternoon house treat! If you prefer bringing your pet’s food from home, we ask that you divide each serving into a zip-top bag with your pet’s first and last name on it. We also accept perishable and canned foods.

Purrty Kitty!

We offer squeaky clean cat baths in our Grooming Salon. Just call prior to your pet’s stay (916) 428-9213 for a grooming appointment or request a grooming appointment online.

Roommates: More Than Happy to Accommodate!

We have many options for multiple cats from the same household. Please ask about our options during your booking.

Room Amenities

Our cat condos are located in a dog free zone--with separate ventilation! Here, cats get to relax and enjoy their living space accompanied by constant human interaction. Each room is fit with a perching shelf, food and water bowls, a litter box for private business and a cozy cat bed. For additional amenity information and package pricing, call today!

Read about our check-in and check-out policies on our Arrival and Departures page.


Additional Services

We offer an assortment of activities, services, and special treats for your pet to make its stay as close to a “home experience” as possible. You’re sure to find something that suits your kitty’s lifestyle:
  • House Treat. We offer a treat time for your purrfect friend every day. Hand delivered beneath your cat’s watering mouth each afternoon. Cats just love ‘em!
  • Kitty Cuddle. One-on-one massage time for cats that enjoy a gentle scratch behind the ears and a warm lap to curl up in.
  • Feather Play. A tantalizing game of feather play to satisfy your cat’s wild side!
  • Brushing. It’s not a grooming experience, but a loving experience for a tail fluttering good time.
  • E-Update. An original picture of your cat during his/her stay and a quick update emailed directly to you wherever an internet connection can be found.

Please call (916) 428-9213 or request a reservation online today.

Online Reservations

Choose your dates, amenities, and any extra services to make your pet's overnight stay or daycare day perfect!

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