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Erin Miller
Staff Veterinarian DVM

Dr. Miller grew up in sunny Southern California and (in a job that taught her to always smile) worked a brief stint in Disneyland as a Swedish shopkeeper charged with peddling Pinnochio's clocks. She worked with zoo animals at both the San Diego zoo and the Adelaide zoo in Australia while earning her BS in Ecology at the University of California, San Diego.

Colorado beckoned in the form of veterinary school at CSU in Fort Collins. After graduating in 2001, Dr. Miller accepted an internship at Alameda East and stayed as a staff doctor. Her first job as a veterinarian became her long-term home as she has seen the hospital grow and change over the years from a smallish practice to a world-class facility.

Dr. Miller's professional interests include pain management, senior care, preventative medicine and nephrology (kidney disease). Nephrology became a special focus when her soulmate dog, Bailey, was diagnosed (and later died) of kidney failure. Her favorite parts of the job are meeting clients and their pets, solving medical mysteries, and getting to befriend lots of furry creatures.

Home is now Greenwood Village in a very full house she shares with two animal-like young children, two dogs, three cats, a guinea pig, a bearded dragon, and assorted fish. Her life is somewhat like a sitcom, a literal “Animal House”, but most days she embraces the chaos.

Dr. Miller is pathologically attached to her chihuahua mix Pickles, which is karma after being somewhat judgmental of small dogs in the past. Her son's best friend is their tuxedo cat named Mango Cherry who was named in honor of a Popsicle flavor (which is what happens when you let small children name pets). Dr. Miller feels honored to help care for all of the "best friends" of Alameda's fantastic human clientele.


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