Advanced Care

Stem Cell Therapy

For a number of years, WSVA has been a center for stem cell therapy, an emerging science with great promise. Stem cells are cells that are not differentiated yet and have the potential to become any type of tissue they are placed in.

Stem cells are present in high numbers in the fatty tissue of dogs and cats. Stem cell therapy involves harvesting fat from a patient, isolating the stem cells, then injecting those cell into the damaged tissue that needs repair. This procedure is all done in our hospital with a one day stay for your pet.

Our doctors and technicians are trained and certified. There are many applications for stem cell therapy, but the most common is treating patients with arthritis and degenerative joint disease. This process involves injecting stem cells directly into the arthritic joints. In one study, 150 dogs with arthritis were treated with stem cell therapy. The results at the end of a 90 day period showed improvement in more than 90 percent of the treated dogs.

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