Primary Care

Dental X-Rays

WSVA utilizes digital dental radiographs when performing periodontal therapy on your pet. Dental radiographs are one of the most important diagnostic tools available to ensure the health of your pet. Dental radiographs allow our doctors to visualize the internal anatomy of the teeth, roots and the bone that surrounds the roots.  Digital dental radiographs help us diagnose many hidden conditions that may otherwise go undiagnosed. The radiographs can help us discover a fractured or broken root, cysts, tooth resorption, early tumors or un-erupted teeth.  Dental radiographs can also help us examine teeth that appear healthy but may actually be compromised.  Since our patients can’t speak, they’re unable to tell us that they have a toothache and that they may have been uncomfortable for some time.  Dental radiographs will help us discover a problem before it becomes a problem for your pet.