Primary Care

General Surgery

At West Suburban Veterinary Associates, P.C., we care for every pet as if he or she were our very own. We use the most advanced surgical techniques and the best medical equipment in order to provide a safe and comfortable surgical experience. Our veterinarians have many years experience performing a wide variety of surgical procedures, from routine soft-tissue surgeries, to more complicated procedures such as splenic mass removal, gastric foreign bodies and intestinal obstruction to the latest orthopedic procedures, including ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) repairs of the knee.

During surgery, your pet is sedated using highly advanced anesthetic techniques. The medical team uses a combination of analgesics to obtain the safest and most comfortable sedation for your pet. Prior to the gas anesthetic, your pet will be relieved of any anxiety with pre-anesthetic sedation. We realize that your pet may be nervous, so we do provide snuggles and comfort as well.

While in surgery, your pet’s vital signs are monitored using superior equipment much like humans. Our technicians have extensive training in anesthesia monitoring including Doppler blood pressure monitors, ECG, temperature, Co2 to name just a few. Your pets safety is our number one goal, so we use only the best and safest anesthesia protocols.


Post Surgery Boarding Facilities

West Suburban Veterinary Associates, P.C., maintains a medical boarding ward where your pet can stay comfortably following surgery. We maintain separate areas for dogs and cats, and all pets receive soft and clean bedding while staying with us. One of our certified veterinary technicians is a dedicated patient care technician for your pet. He or she monitors our surgical patients before and after surgery and throughout their stay so you have one point of contact.