Preventive Care

New Kitten and New Puppy Packages

We love getting kittens and puppies off to the best possible start in life. Pets that start healthy have a better chance of staying healthy, and we create a plan for wellness that works for you and the new member of the family. Although every pet is different, there are some basic wellness standards we recommend for every puppy or kitten:

  • Vaccinations –  Pet vaccinations are the foundation of our puppy and kitten care. Vaccinations ensure that your pet does not contract a debilitating or even deadly disease. We begin administering pet vaccinations at just a few weeks old. Then we follow a schedule that lasts into adulthood. Pet vaccines have saved countless lives thanks to conscientious pet owners who begin immunizations as early as possible.
  • Deworming –  The majority of puppies and kittens are born with intestinal worms that were passed from their mothers before birth or while nursing. These worms can cause pain or discomfort, diarrhea, vomiting and may even cause death if left untreated. Easy-to-administer oral medications are very effective at deworming young pets.
  • Spay and Neuter –  By spaying or neutering your puppy or kitten before he or she reaches reproductive age, you can significantly reduce recovery time. It also helps reduce chances that your pet will develop certain diseases, and it helps prevent aggressive or unwanted behaviors.
  • Diet and Nutrition –  Babies, whether human or animal, have special nutritional needs to ensure they grow into healthy adults. We offer customized  nutrition plans for your new pets.
  • Preventing Fleas and Ticks –  It is important to begin defending your new kitten or puppy against fleas and ticks and heartworm disease as early as possible. Prevention is our motto.