Primary Care

General Surgery

At VCA Yorba Regional Animal Hospital, our staff is here to provide your companion the best possible care imaginable. Our Surgical care unit is equipped with the highest and most advance medical equipment to date. Each of our veterinarians are skilled in all procedures and are available 24/7 including holidays. We are very easy to access from Yorba Linda, Orange County, Anaheim, and Riverside County for all emergency situations. In addition, signing up with VCA Yorba Regional Animal Hospital will be beneficial to you if you wish to continue with basic care.


At Yorba your pet will be given a complete physical examination to determine the exact condition they are in. Following blood analysis, the laboratory will be able to identify any conditions that can hinder the surgery that a physical exam might not. Our Veterinarians will then administer anesthesia which is only necessary to reduce risks and allow them to perform a complete and successful operation.

While your pet is undergoing surgery they will be monitored with the same efficient care as any human patient. From IV fluids to blood support and even anesthesia to support the body during a stressful situation. In addition proactive pain management and round the clock monitoring is also in effect during recovery.

We Are Here To Answer Any Questions

At VCA Yorba Regional Animal Hospital we are frequently asked about what kind of surgeries we perform. Our Facility performs a large range of operations such as:

• Laparoscopic Surgery
• Spays
• Prophylactic Gastropexy
• Oral/GI Surgery
• Orthopedic
• Skin and Wound Reconstruction
• Upper Respiratory Surgery
• Thoracic Surgery
• Urinary Surgery
• And many others

The Most Important Things To Know About Your Pet’s Surgery

Before you schedule your pet's surgery, you will have many options available to you. It is always most important to have your pet’s interest in mind when deciding. With that in mind our Dr. Maria Fahie, is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgery and is excellent at giving you the best recommendations possible.

At VCA Yorba Regional Animal Hospital we will always put your pet’s health first. Make Your appointment today and find out how we can keep your companion healthy for years to come.