Pet Boarding

Dog Boarding

Canine suites:

Luxury Suite packages are available for dogs who prefer a little privacy and the added comforts of home. Each suite has its own unique canine theme and includes a mattress with bedding plus web cam viewing for you. In addition to three walks per day, our luxury boarders receive 15-minutes of playtime, an evening treat, and a free bath. Luxury suites are quite popular so we recommend that you make your reservations well in advance.

The Deluxe Suite package includes comfortable bedding for your pet’s lounging pleasure and four walks per day in an outside fully enclosed grassy area. All pets are weighed daily and all weights are recorded.

We have a veterinarian on staff 24-hours a day every day in case of any emergency. Our well trained kennel staff will attend to all you pets needs and are always willing to provide lots of extra loving care.

Vaccine requirements:

Residents of Yorba Linda, Orange County, Anaheim and Riverside County are welcome at VCA Yorba Regional Hospital where all veterinarians are licensed and experienced to administer all pet vaccine requirements. It is our responsibility to provide full protection for all of our visitors where written proof or phone confirmation of your pet’s vaccinations are always required prior to admittance. This is because we want you to know and understand what to expect from our hospital and our staff.

We plan to give your pet full medical assistance:

At VCA Yorba Regional Animal Hospital it is our pleasure to help you and answer all questions pertaining to the vaccines that we administer. We find it important to give each of our patients every bit of information that is required to take better care of their pets. We will give your pet a full physical to determine what treatments are needed so that you are fully aware of his or her health issues if any.

We plan on helping you bring out a more active and healthier pet:

We offer the required vaccinations to both canines and felines year round to keep them healthy, safe, and active. Our goal is to establish what your pet needs and administer the best treatment available. Our veterinarians are here to provide your pet with the tender love and care they will find at home. All vaccines are always offered only when your vet believes your pet will need it.

We require the following vaccines for dogs:

  • DHPP (Yearly) - Distemper Virus, Hepatitis Virus, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus
  • Bordetella (Yearly)
  • Canine Influenza (Yearly)
  • Canine Rabies 
  • Leptospirosis (Yearly)

At VCA Yorba Regional Animal Hospital, we make it possible to keep your pet comfortable and to keep you both living a long and healthy life together. Call today for an appointment.

Luxury Suites