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Sean Kouyoumdjian
Staff Veterinarian DVM

Dr. Sean Kouyoumdjian, a native of Orange County, California, embarked on his journey in veterinary medicine with a degree in Animal Biology from UC Davis. Following this, he immersed himself in the field, dedicating five years as a veterinary nurse as well as volunteering at the Orange County Bird of Prey Center, where he developed a profound commitment to animal care. Driven by a passion for emergency medicine, he earned his DVM at Midwestern University and returned to Southern California following graduation. Dr. Kouyoumdjian honed his skills during an ER focused rotating internship at VCA Emergency Animal Hospital & Referral Center in San Diego. He thrives in the dynamic nature of the ER, finding joy in the diverse cases he encounters.  

Outside the demanding world of veterinary medicine, Dr. Kouyoumdjian finds balance and joy in a diverse array of interests. An avid surfer, he rides the waves along the California coast, and is thankful to call southern California his home again. He also enjoys other hobbies, whether it be spending time outdoors, scuba diving, taking photos or rock climbing. At home, he shares his space with Morty, an adorable tabby who brings comfort and joy. These pursuits outside the clinic not only rejuvenate Dr. Kouyoumdjian but also contribute to the well-rounded and compassionate care he brings to his role as an ER veterinarian. These pursuits beyond the clinic not only recharge Dr. Kouyoumdjian but also contribute to the compassionate care he provides as an ER veterinarian.


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