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Susan Delaney, Staff Veterinarian


Every day of my life, I have come home to a warm greeting from my pets. It’s the happy wagging tails of the dogs or the “welcome home” body slam of the cats. It has never mattered to them if I had the best day or the worst day. They don’t care if I got a bad haircut or I gained back the 5 pounds I had lost. I don’t have to be anything but myself with them. They don’t want anything from me except my love and attention. And a saucer of milk. They have good days and bad days, too, but they don’t complain about those, they just keep doing what they do and making me laugh every day. I think the world would be a much better place if we humans learned to act like our pets do. They make my life so much better, I just hope sometimes I am able to return that favor.

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